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I am always inspired by the untold story that the lines of a human’s body and guarded feelings doesn’t give away. What I feel, when I first see a woman, is that the moving lines in her body are challenging me to try to capture them in brush strokes on canvas and paper.
My paintings are my form of storytelling of mostly females and their lives. I am motivated by what I see in the details of moments such as the fluid lines in a dancer’s figure, a melody, a look of anguish or hidden pain, an expression of love, and even moment of silence, provoke a sense of discovery in me which I in return try to translate  in painting.
Due to the restricted culture and suppressed art scene that I grew up in, expressing feelings and emotions openly were not possible for me and females around me. This is why I have always felt that painting is my way of exercising freedom of expression and exploration of the female body.
In my work, the subjects I paint are free to speak and expose their inner selves with lines that are delicate, sharp, fluid or straight, just as we women are. My preferred medium is ink because it allows me to experiment with variations of lines and lets my feeling flow on paper. I also use water color and acrylic.
In my technique, I try to combine my years of academic drawing, imaginations, and memories, but I am always eager to learn more and push myself beyond and over. Leonardo da vinchi, Egon Schiele , Lucian Freud and David Downton have big influence on shaping my approach and drive as I was inspired by each of their masterful ability to capture the human emotion.
I believe in life cycles and so do my paintings series which may vary from 3 to 30 depending on where am I in my life. And so whenever my surrounding or feeling changes I embark on a new series.